Our story began with a simple idea, a unique wooden card, made to last. When we started selling at local craft fairs then expanded with sales to online shoppers and store owners, the reaction was surprise and delight. And soon we discovered that those people wanted to share that joy with their loved ones. The encouragement we felt during those first few years convinced us that something started on hope and possibility could become a sustainable business built on connection and meaning. We were thrilled.

Energized and inspired, over the last seven years we’ve grown our product line, created new designs and introduced special offerings that help people find gifts of love for almost any occasion. As a small business (Cardtorial) we made things we hoped people would want to give. But we’ve evolved into a more thoughtful brand (Hereafter) focused on making things people want to give and receive, strengthening the connections that are important in our lives. It’s an opportunity we welcome, informing what we create, how we produce, and everything it takes to build a culture dedicated to the experience of gifting with joy.